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Elizabeth Hopkinson

Data Protection

In accordance with GDPR rules, here is some information about information you may have shared, for example, by signing up to my newsletter, Patreon, or by emailing me. Be assured, I will always do my best to protect your information and would never knowingly breach the rules. But if you think I'm getting it wrong, then please let me know.

Information I hold

  • Email addresses of anyone who has signed up for my newsletter, and the date they subscribed - held in TinyLetter
  • Names, email and some postal addresses of anyone who has signed up to support me on Patreon, along with what money they have paid - held in Patreon
  • Names/handles of anyone who follows me on social media - held on relevant site (eg Twitter)
  • Email addresses of anyone who has emailed me - held in Gmail
  • I have NO information on anyone who has bought my books, except - on Lulu - what country they are from
  • I sometimes use information gathered via Facebook for targeted adverts, but this is only general information (age range, country, interests (usually that they like books and reading!)). It does not include names or other personal information. 

Your rights

  • I will only hold this information if you have chosen to sign up or email me. In the case of TinyLetter and Patreon, you have done this in the understanding that this is in exchange for either a newsletter or Patreon rewards. I will never give it to third parties.
  • You can unsubscribe from TinyLetter and Patreon at any time, and your information will be automatically deleted. Likewise with social media.
  • I never use email addresses for anything other than replying to your emails. They are held automatically by Gmail, but if you ask me to delete them, I will.
  • If you ask to see your data, I will take a screenshot and send it to you.


My computer, iPad and accounts (TinyLetter, Patreon, Facebook, Twitter etc.) are password protected, and some have two-factor verification. There are also security programs in place to prevent hacking/infection. If an account of mine were compromised, I would take immediate action, following best advice.

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