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- Kelsey Lee, Social Media Director of AVEN

Once upon a time, our ancestors told stories of androgynes, neither male nor female; of women and men who resist sex and marriage for other kinds of love; of chaste romances, miraculous childbirth and bodily transformations.

- Jaylee James, editor of Circuits and Slippers

"More than just a retelling or adaptation."

- Dr Teika Bellamy,
Mother's Milk Books
Almost everyone knows the familiar fairy tale ending: the prince marries the princess and they live happily ever after. Or do they?

Retold, reimagined, and reinvented as new stories for the 21st century, these stories will change the way you think about fairy tales, and bring asexuality out of the closet.

"An incredible and necessary thing!" 

"Compelling, powerful and full of the numinous."

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