Tiny Tales from the Hidden Grove
 Booksellers and emperors learn to fly, fairies deliver the milk, and horses, knitting needles and the Houses of Parliament are not what they seem. 

"I loved this book."

Silver Hands
Tales from the Hidden Grove

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"An absolute must for fans of flash fiction and/or fairytales. I was engrossed from start to finish"

"These are fairy tales for the grown up who doesn’t want gore and violence."


A mysterious pendant. A sinister suitor. And an epic chase to the Edge of the Map.

"A lovely combination of history, romance and fantasy set against a beautifully described backdrop of 18th century seafaring and foreign trade."

"Expect pirates, kimonos, a powerful lodestone and storms at sea!"

Cinderella is a leprosy patient, two housewives knit themselves boyfriends, a nereid appears in Bradford Wool Exchange, and Homer's Iliad is only 50 words long.